No Trafficking Zone


Anita was a victim of human trafficking. Yet, she was miraculously rescued through a border station. She found shelter and healing during her six-month stay in one of our Nepali Rescue Project safe homes where she learned a skill of sewing and prepared to eventually return to her village.

She had been back home in her village for several months when I was taken to meet her. I was told she had since launched a small business and started an “Ambassador Club” with other girls her age to help ensure they learned about the evils of trafficking and never had to experience anything like her personal pain.         

We approached Anita’s village traveling down a dirt road and were soon in the middle of rural Nepal. Farmers were tilling their fields with oxen. Village life seemed to be unaffected by modernity. We pulled up to the village’s sewing center established by the Nepali Rescue Project. Here Anita trained the 40 girls who are a part of her Ambassador Club.